Dear Boss Man, Please Give My Dad A Job ...

A real-life example of one of my recent post comes from Oregon, where 12-year-old Cheyenne Hess, worried after her father lost his job in December and had only been able to pick up sporadic day work, penned a letter to the supervisor there, asking him to hire her father full-time:

“Dear Ed Reed:

“Please give my Dad a job at Oregon Motorcoach. He has been out of a job since December 2008 and he deserves this job and you deserve such a great painter, he has a great painting skill. He has painted cars, coaches and he always has a good attitude about what he has to do. He has always been a good Dad, painter and lovely husband and friend. If you hire him you would be getting a good deal and a lot of new customers for life. My Dad has never been rude to anyone so you won’t have to worry about having meetings with him. So please, please, please hire him. He always has great ideas at meetings and never needs an assistant.

“Sincerely, Cheyenne Hess”
To read the entire article - including how the story turns out - click here.

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