One in five U.S. workers plans to changes jobs in 2010, new survey says

Nearly one-in-five workers (19%) plan to leave their current job this year and find a new one, and another 9% said they'll switch jobs in 2011, according to results of a new CareerBuilder survey released Thursday.

Many employers cut or froze salaries, bonuses and benefits in 2009, practices that have led employees to feel less loyal than in the past.

Almost one in eight workers (12%) whose companies cut benefits or perks in 2009 said they will leave their jobs within six months, while 27% who did not receive a raise or promotion in 2009 said they will leave their current positions in less than a year if they do not receive either. Nearly one in five (18%) workers whose pay was cut in the past year said they will stay at their jobs no longer than six more months.

Factors workers reported influence job satisfaction and company loyalty are:

  • Pay - 57% did not receive a raise last year, up from 35% in 2008. Of those who received raises, 28% were given an increase of 3% or less. Seventy-one percent did not receive bonuses.To help make ends meet, 8% took on a second job during the year, while 19% plan to find a second job in 2010 to supplement their primary paycheck.

  • Leadership shortcomings - 23% rate their corporate leaders as poor or very poor. Workers main concerns were: an inability to address employee morale (35%); not enough transparency (30%); and major changes being made without warning (28%).

  • Career advancement - 28% are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with career advancement opportunities provided by their current employers. Of workers who did not receive a promotion in 2009, 90% are dissastisfied with their jobs, while almost one-quarter feel they were overlooked.

  • Switching industries - 20% said they plan to switch careers or fields in the next two years. Top reasons include: wanting to pursue a more interesting line of work (67%), higher pay (54%), more career advancement (41%) and increased stability (36%).

  • Work/life balance - Nearly one-quarter (23%) are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their work/life balance, up from 18% last year.

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