Your Company and Layoffs - A Winning Combination!!!

Are your company’s profits not growing as fast as they used to? Are shareholders getting upset? Well, why not consider layoffs?

This handy, easy-to-follow tutorial, courtesy of YouTube answers burning questions such as:

  • Are layoffs ethical?
  • "Corporat-ese," confusing euphemisms and other obfuscations that increase the comfort of executives delivering the bad news, all they while enabling them to actually not tell employees anything.

  • What to do about messy situations, like the employee scheduled for life-saving open-heart surgery next month, but who has now lost his health insurance because the company laid him off?

  • FREE outplacement advice often offered to soon-to-be-ex-employees.

  • When should companies give laid-off employees more than 5 minutes to clean out their offices?

  • And what about those company staplers?

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