I surrender ...

I've basically given up my search for the elusive next great job, instead deciding my next great career adventure may be with myself.

I've chronicled a few of my job search experiences here, and will add more, but while I continued to interview with companies that often didn't seem to know what they wanted, work kept coming my way. It started with some freelance work last fall that continued through January. More contractual work - with a thriving Chicago-area dot-com came next; it continues and is on the brink of growing substantially. A contractual affiliation with a Chicago marketing communications company finally prompted me to ask, "Exactly why am I still investing a considerable amount of time interviewing - with no returns - when I could be my own boss?"

So, Tipitina Communications, Inc. was born, duly incorporated in the state of Illinois. I'm learning the ropes of small business ownership (earnestly working on becoming a QuickBooks expert).

Business is surprisingly good for a start-up and I'm thrilled to have control over my own schedule ... and my own destiny.

In what may seem ironic, making this decision will actually free me to do a better job with this blog: I can write honestly about experiences - mine and those of others - without fear of ticking off a company with which I have or am intervewing.

So, stay tuned ... I still plan to document the frustrations of seeking that next job, along with companies that are treating their prospective employees right and trends that could either make it easier - or God forbid, more difficult - to reach career Nirvana.

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